Hi! I’m Joe – a tech observer from a strategic and market(ing) angle. Given the hundreds of tech blogs/sites on the web, why start another one? The answer – Windows 8.

Windows Renaissance is a periodic blog with thought pieces dedicated to analyzing the latest moves of Microsoft as the company aims to reestablish itself as a technology leader once again with the launch of Windows 8 and any of its NT-based “brethrens”. There will definitely be thought pieces related to companies like Google and Apple too. One could hardly be strategic if one knows nothing about the competition.

This blog will also document some of my thoughts on using many Microsoft-based technology products/gadgets/services, because the success of a technology often starts and ends with the user. (If Steve Job’s taught us anything, a technology has to just work in this day and age.) If Windows 8 were to succeed, the “Metro” UI has to succeed. To date, that is far from certain. There is simply no guarantee. However, I happen to be a Windows Phone user, so my bet is that consumers will likely accept “Metro”.

Will there truly be a Windows Comeback? Keep reading/following this blog!


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