Windows 8 Release Preview is here!

For tech enthusiasts, they would have to be living under a rock to not know that Windows 8 Release Preview came out on Thursday. It is definitely an important milestone, as about (perhaps) 95% of the Windows 8 experience is complete, and millions of people could try it for free. For those who have actually been using the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, they will likely not find a great deal of difference in the overall esthetics at all. For those who were to purchase a new PC later this year (or decide to upgrade their PC’s operating system from previous versions of Windows), they will likely be in for a big shock. However, for the people who have an open mind, it should be a “good” shock. By that I mean once people learn how to use “Metro”, a vast majority of people would come to appreciate the way it works and this new computing environment should have the potential to serve many people’s basic to intermediate computing needs. (As for those advanced computing needs, they would probably have to stick with the redesigned desktop.)

Windows 8 Release Preview

Go check out Windows 8 Release Preview

For anyone else who is curious about what the new indows 8 is all about, you may go here and download it and try it yourself. (This is not recommended for those who are terribly tech savvy. But yes, I’ve tested the OS, and it is stable enough to run as a regular day-to-day OS.)

P.S. I realize that I have been away for almost two months. I’m not trying to make any excuses, but a full-time job, taking 3 small courses a week, gym, yoga, and putting together a grad school application really meant that I could not blog as frequently as I wanted.

P.P.S. I probably won’t be back blogging regularly till after June, as I am preparing for a 6-hour certification exam that is scheduled at the end of June. But I will definitely try to squeeze in a few blogs now that Windows 8 news should be breaking regularly after the appearance of the Windows 8 Release Preview. (Yes, see the following good-looking Acer Windows 8 devices? Will these type of devices change the game?)

Windows 8 Iconia W700

Surely only one of the many new Windows 8 devices coming this fall

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